Who is Larry?

When I was younger, I was determined to learn my life lessons the hard way.  This lead to more mistakes then a person should make in a life time.  But I'm the poster child for the phrase 'He has a doctorate degree in the School of Hard Knocks'.

It took many years for me to realize the error of my ways.  At a convention one afternoon, I had the pleasure of hearing Charlie "Tremendous" Jones speak.  He made a statement that has stuck with me since; "You will be the same person tomorrow that you are today, except for the people you meet and the books(resources) you read (consume)."  That started me on a life long journey of learning.

Through the years, the lessons I've learned and pass on are priceless.  They include things like;
* Value those around you
* Respect others
* Always play as a team
* Support those who need it
* Give more then you take
* Your success will happen, only if you'll help others get to where they want to be
* And much, much more........