Bill R.  Business owner,  Central MN.  (Leadership workshop attendee)

" I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Leadership workshop.  The program was FULL of useful content that can be of great value to both new and the more experienced leader.  I found the grid defining differant management styles and the suggestions for dealing effectively with the various communication styles especially useful."

"Finally I was impressed with your overall presentation and demeanor.  You come across very well-- friendly, sincere and modest.  Everyone in the room was aware that your an expert in your field, but you wear it very well.  You come across as a very motivating speaker, who genuinely wants to help others."

Thomas Z.  Professor And Chair,  Marketing and Business Law, St. Cloud State University   ( Keynote)

" I really enjoyed and learned a lot at your presentation last week.  I particularly appreciated your ability to get the students involved in the session, which is difficult to do in that venue with so many people."

" Your common sense approach to conflict management was very practical and easy to implement.  You have a high energy, passionate approach which is absolutely essential to light up the room.  I think your use of stories and anecdotes was very effective. Students and others can relate to your lessons when you put them in context."

Dr. Olivia L.   Professor,  G.R. Herbergers College of Business SCSU  (Coaching client)

"I am a professor, but your a professor's mentor.  Thank you for being a good listener."

Cherilyn B.  Customer Service Rep.  Des Moines Iowa  (Delivering Exceptional Customer Service)

" I wasn't sure what to expect and found today very enlightening.  Now I feel I can better handle stressed out customers more effectively and be more confident.  You helped me in understanding the type of person I am and how I can be beneficial to our customers.  Your very informative without being dull.  The stories and illustrations helped put things together and made sense."

Beth R.   Customer Service Senior Supervisor,  Omaha Nebraska  (Dealing with Difficult Customers)

"....Excellant, energetic and informative.  I will be taking back lots of excellent points and making my own presentation.  Could very easily be a 2 day seminar."

D.S.M.   Senior Customer Service Rep.  Des Moines Iowa   (Delivering Exceptional Customer Service)

"....It's very easy to get burnt out and let that burnout flow into what you do every day.  I have many tools to use when I return to my office.  Not the least of course, will be my ability to maintain composure and stay calm with our companies most valuable asset, which is our customers."

Raymond P.   Business Owner   Rockford Illinois   (Creative Leadership Workshop)

" Several times during the day, you stressed that we should commit to change by writing out our commitment.  So here it is;  I commit to changing my approach to leadership this very minute.  I realize that for over 20 years I've been a dictator over my employees/team members.  They always act like they're walking on egg shells around me.  Today my eyes were opened to the harm that I've caused and why our turn over rate is so high.  From this moment on, I will become more approachable, creative and spend more time getting to know my team members.  You have challenged me to raise the level of my leadership and value those around me."

JoyGenea S.   Business Owner  Central MN.  (Effective Communication)

" What an amazing opportunity it was to participate in your training a couple of weeks ago.  I cannot tell you how many times in the past weeks I have applied what you taught me and how amazing the results were.  I work with such a wide variety of clients and personnalities and being able to flawlessly lead them in the direction they are wanting me to take them is key.  You really improved my non-verbal communication with them and my aproach to empowering them to succeed in our goals."

" Thank you for your wisdom and for having a very easy to learn from approach to sharing so much information."

Roxanne R.   Human Services Wacosa   Waite Park MN.   (Effective Leadership Workshop)

" I recently attended your two part seminar on leadership.  I cannot recommend it enough!  I have been working in the human services field for over 30 years.  I believe after that long, one can tend to get cynical over attending training and the thought of learning something new.  But I have to tell you, I was impressed!  Not only was the class well organized, I did learn some new information."

"The seminar contained tips, strategies and tools that were practical, easy to introduce into the work place and they actually work.  It was a two part seminar ( 4 hours each day) set up with a two week span in between sessions.  The assignment/goal was to begin implementing the techniques and then be able to return to the second portion of the training to review, and learn more helpfull tips.  One of the componants of the training included ideas on reenforcing individual employees, as well as groups, with low cost/no cost suggestions.  Everyone in the group felt they had gotten new ideas that could be easily implemented."

" Another very useful tool was a quick way to assess personnality types of individuals and coworkers and how to address their learning styles to best impact/teach your team in an efficient time frame.  Another tool was how to quickly prioritize/organize yourself and your projects.  Techniques were taught on how to recognize the type of leader you are, how to develop staff and how to assess your work group.  This also included training on delgation, mentoring and empowering your staff.  Building loyalty between your employees and you, the company and the work team, as well as how to deal with difficult employees."

" Myself and everyone who attended walked away with new tools, ideas and techniques.  I believe the most valuable part was that the training was easy to implement in my work place and has been saving me time and increasing my productivity.  I would highly recommend you as a trainer/public speaker.  Your training is practical, useful and easy to implement.   You have an engaging personnality that keeps everyone interested and participating."