The Power of Valuing Others

Once a person learns the power of valuing others, anything is possible.  Whether it's in the work place, or in our personnal lives, we can change the atmosphere around us.  More people will buy into your vision, support your ideas and your loyalty index will rise substancially.

Your business/organization will see a drastic improvement in the way they treat each other.  You can expect measurable results in the way attendees relate to each other and those around them.

Choosing 'The Baggage Handler' Life Style

This session will motivate attendees to be more compassionate towards those they come in contact with.  We interact with people everyday who are carrying past and present baggage. 

Based on the book 'The Baggage Handler', we'll take a closer look at how important it is to learn and teach the principles in the book.  Principles like; controlling our attitudes and reactions, forgiveness as a tool and a weapon, the Sedona Method of letting it all go, thinking horizontal verses linear and much, much more.

Overcoming Lifes Adversities

As a youngster growing up playing baseball and softball every chance he had, Larry developed a deep love for the game.  Playing in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Quam was a dream come true.  After an invitation to attend Spring training with a Major League team, life couldn't be better.

The evening of November 3rd, 1983 would change that for ever.  While leaving the house, Larry would cut his arm so badly, that he would never be able to play ball again. 

Learn how he overcame the dissapointment of losing several dreams, and how you too, can overcome any adversity that's affecting your life.

Redeeming The Time

It's not over, until it's over.  How many times have you heard that statement?  Whether your dealing with a lost relationship, bad decisions or mistakes that you've made in the past, YOU CAN REDEEM the time.  Find hope in this compelling testimonial, that no matter how bad the situation is, It isn't hopeless.

There are steps that we can take to improve our chances of being successful in 'Redeeming The Time'.

Leadership; If I can do it, So can you!

This is a customized session that we build according to our clients needs.  After discussing the area(s) of concern, we will formulate a plan and a strategy to address the challenge.  After 30 years in leadership, There are very few mistakes that Larry hasn't made or observed.  Moving from a tyrant/dictator style, to being pushed around, Larry has experienced the wide spectrum of leadership styles.

Areas we cover include; Team building, Communication, Conflict, New leaders and the ready fire aim leader.