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Shannon T.  MN School of Business

"Thank you for sharing your book with me. Your writing style is very pleasant to read and understand. Your book really put the concepts into reality for me. It's not every day we have the ability to make a profound impact on someones life. Clearly Larry, you have achieved that goal in your book."

Gabe J.  VP Sales & Marketing

"I picked up your book this morning and have to say I didn't put it down until the end.  So often we look at the external events that are impacting or impeding our goals when in fact, we need to start looking at ourselves and what our response to the events have been. If we are to make changes, it may be that we have to start with making changes within ourselves and how we relate with those around us."

Joel V.  Sales & Marketing Manager Clear Water, MN.

Larry, Congratulation on your book "The Baggage Handler".  The book has a real message that we can apply in our personal and business life.  I have made the Idea of "Can I let it go, Will I let it go and When (The Sadona Method) part of my personal business mission statement.  The quick read and powerful message will benifit all that read it."